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Face Painter

Doesn't your event deserve a unique form of entertainment. Sure, there is the traditional music and games. But have you ever considered a professional face painter? We realize that you are probably thinking that we are crazy at this point. But we urge you to hear us out. Face painters have an uncanny ability to transform any event and the people at the event into walking works of art. Doesn't that sound exciting? It certainly sounds like it is worth a try. You may have thought of a face painter in a very limited role but truly you should begin to think of these special professionals as someone who can add instant fun to any event. Let's face it, who doesn't like becoming a character or taking on another persona. Of course, if you decide to bring in a face painter to perform at your event, the key to bringing happiness to everyone is finding the face painter who will fit your event and your guests perfectly. This fits into the category of knowing your needs. There are a number of factors to consider. You need to determine whether you will be satisfied with quick, simple designs or do you want more elaborate and complicated designs. Much of this relates to how long your guests will have to sit and have a face painter work on them. Keep in mind that you are more than likely going to have a professional photographer there as well to capture what the end result is. Looking for a face painter is probably a search you have not done before or for that matter, even considered. To that end, we have put together a guide that we are confident will lead you to the perfect face painter in the Providence area. Hold to this plan and you can't go wrong.

The face painting world is a unique place to find yourself. There are certainly true professionals in the field but there are also folks with very limited experience and training who don't provide the highest quality of service. For this reason, we suggest that you do not rush this decision. Take your time and operate like you are a private investigator. In the end, you will be very happy you did. The last thing that you want to do is to have your entertainment be the week link at your event. A great place to start in terms of your search is to begin talking to your family, friends and coworkers. Find out if anyone you know has hired a professional face painter in the past. If the experience was a good one, find out their name and contact information. We would be very remiss if we did not recommend the world wide web. Do a Google search for “face painters in Providence.” Check out the resultant websites one by one and look at their online portfolio in particular to see if they have the skill and talent that you are looking for. When you see one that shows promise, add the artist to your list. When you have finished gathering potential face painters, contact each one on your list and find out if they are available on the date and time of your event.

When you meet with each face painter, take each interview very seriously. Find out if they are passionate about being a face painter. Do they have a great personality, in other words, are they likable? Don't take this for granted, you want each attendee to have a good time. Again, have them bring their portfolio and examine each one in detail. Do you like what they are capable of? Are these the kind of designs you want to be available at your event? Will you need to provide anything for them? In addition to face painting, do they possess any other skills or talents? Do they only use safe paints? Have them prove this to you. Does safety seem to be a priority for them? Ask them if they have any ideas as to what would work best based on the type of event you are having. Discuss your expectations. Do they require a certain amount of room to perform what they want to do? Talk about how they handle longer lines in case people start backing up. Eventually, you will need to find out how much they charge for their services. Are there packages available depending on what you want and the size of your group? After you finish with your interviews, sit down and ponder the answers given by each candidate. There should be one candidate that stands above the rest. When that happens, you have found your professional face painter.