Promising to stay with each other for the rest of each others life is a pretty big commitment. Though it shouldn't matter because their in love. Weddings are a joyful time and full of happiness. Everyone is reminded just how special love is. Planning for this one day takes many, many months. Many decisions need to be made and it can get pretty stressful. There are decisions like venue, florist, cake, officiant, photographer and more. You want everything to be perfect because this event only happens once. There's only on thing that you can count on going according to plan and that's transportation by Limousine Providence.

You won't have to worry about anything with Limousine Providence. You will be able to focus on your wedding and everything else and not the transportation. Your transportation will be taken care of. There are many options with what wedding transportation can do. We can pick your guests up and take them to the wedding destinations, if that's what you want. We can transport the wedding party to different locations for photos. Or we can just transport the love birds so that they have private time. The chauffeur will make sure that all the passengers arrive to their destinations on time and safe. You won't have to worry about you or your guests getting lost or being late to the wedding. Make sure you call for your reservation way ahead of schedule because we get super busy during wedding season.

Bachelor(ette) Parties

Getting married? Then most likely, you are having a bachelor or bachelorette party. It is your one less chance to go out, celebrate and say goodbye to the single life. For guys, the party usually takes them to a bar or even a strip club. The groomsmen try to get the groom as wild and crazy as he can be before he has to settle down. We've all seen the movies of the crazy bachelor parties. For the ladies, the bridesmaid tend to plan something less wild than the guys, but it can also get pretty crazy too. Bachelorette parties may include bar hopping, club hopping, pole dancing classes, spa day, male stripper shows and more. Ladies can party just as hard as the fellas. If you wedding is the next day, take lots of aspirin for the headache.

Booking a reservation for a luxury vehicle is probably ones of the best ideas you'll have for the bachelor or bachelorette party. Most vehicles have a bar area with a cooler of ice to help keep the drinks cool. There are color changing lights and a great stereo system to keep the party mood going all night. Some even have a dancing pole for any extra guests you might want to invite. Renting a vehicle from us, you will have unlimited stops, the best vehicle and the best chauffeur. They know of the hot spots and the best routes to get around town. Best of all, you don't have to worry about a designated driver or driving while intoxicated. Call us today for your reservation!

Night Out

The week always seems to drag on, especially the later in the week. Friday never seems to come around. If you have a stressful week at work or at home, it may seem like Friday never comes. When the weekend does finally come around, you deserve a night of fun. A chance to relax, let go of some steam and enjoy yourself. A night out can mean anything outside of your home and work. Dinner at a restaurant, a movie, going to a bar or club, going on a wine tour and more! There are countless activities and events to do to have fun. Just as long enjoy yourself, a night out is well worth it.

With Limousine Providence, you don't have to worry about transportation. Your chauffeur will pick you and your guests up and take you wherever you wish. You have unlimited stops so you can visit as many places as you want in your reserved time. If you are doing a night of drinking, you won't have to worry about finding a ride home or driving while intoxicated, your chauffeur will make sure that you and your guests will get to your next destination safely. In the vehicles, there are bars, a stereo system, color changing lights and more. There's nothing better than having a night out and not having to worry about driving. Plus you get to continue the party on the road between destinations. Give us a call to set up your next night out.

School Dances

School dances are an important time in a teenagers life. It is one of the main events that happen, that a teenager looks forward to. They get to ask someone who is special to them, to go to the dance with them, or someone asks them. Then there is, of course, one of the best moments about the dance, shopping. Guys will go out and rent a tux and buy a corsage. The girls love the shopping the most. They will end up trying on dresses for what seems like an eternity. They will eventually end up on a dress. Then the day of the dance, they will most likely, get a mini makeover of a hairstyle and get their nails painted. Once they are all dressed, they will take photos and lots of them. Parents like to capture all the small moments.

There are many benefits to having a luxury vehicle for the school dance. First off, it will make the night very special with the feeling of being sophisticated and fancy. Secondly, all the teens can travel together to every stop so that no one is left out or feels unwanted. Thirdly, it will give parents, a piece of mind. Knowing that teenagers will be teenagers, parents will worrying about who is driving and if they will be safe and responsible or try to act cool. Parents can rest knowing that with a luxury vehicle with a professional chauffeur, their child is probably in the best hands. The chauffeur will take them to and from the dance safely. Call us before the school dance to make your reservation!


There are many types of parties. Parties that celebrate for a reason and parties that don't really have a cause, that are just for fun. There are parties like birthday, graduation, retirement, promotion, wedding showers, bridal showers, baby showers, garden parties, tea parties and more! Each one with its own reason to be a party. Though you don't need a reason to have a party. Everyone likes a party. It's a chance to dress up more then you normally do, and go talk to some friends and maybe play a game or too. Plus, there is probably going to be food and drinks, which are always nice.

Getting a vehicle from Limousine Providence will allow you to treat your guests like VIP. You can have your guests picked up and taken to the party. They will arrive happy and excited. You could surprise the person the party is for by picking them up. Imagine the look on their face when they see the vehicle. An overwhelming amount of joy and happiness. They will feel loved and ecstatic that you took the time and spent the money for the extra touch on their big day. There are bar area, color changing lights, leather seats, stereo system, and TVs to enjoy while riding in the vehicle. It will definitely make it a not to never forget. Don't wait to the last second to make your reservation. Call us today to book your reservation before all the vehicles are gone. Be sure to read our advice on finding the best vendors for your party!

Sports Games

Once you have tickets to the game, you have to wait for the day to come. Anxiety is building, especially if it is a big game such as a play off game or a game verses their biggest rivals. There is always an option to tailgate before the game with other fans. But that's all depending on the traffic and if you have enough time. There is a huge chance that you will get stuck in traffic before and after the game. It's inevitable when hundreds of people are coming and going at the same time.

Don't get mad or stressed out about the traffic. If you get a vehicle from Limousine Providence, you won't have to worry. While you are enjoying yourself and having fun, the chauffeur will deal with the traffic. That right there is enough to decide on getting a vehicle. You can celebrate and be happy instead of miserable and grumpy. As for the tailgating, imagine tailgating in one of our vehicles. There are coolers with ice to where you can keep food cold, if need be. Plus you have the great stereo sound to play some music. Everyone around will be jealous of you. Then next game you come to, you'll probably see more people who got the idea from you. Sports games are supposed to be fun and exciting, don't ruin them with anger and frustration because of the traffic. Call us today!